The only encouraging aspect about the Frankfurt incident is the way it was reported. Mainstream news people made no bones about using words not only such as “Muslim” and “Allahu Akbar,” but even “Albanian Muslim”; “from Kosovo” and “Kosovo citizen.” It’s possible that our media are getting a clearer sense of what’s where, and who’s where, and who’s what. Which means that eventually the American public might figure out whom they were fighting for and against in 1999. Which happened to be our most recent pre-9/11 war that everyone seems to have forgotten and treats like ancient history.

In other words, the recent flurry of news concerning Albanian activity is going to help Americans sort out who’s who and what’s what from the Balkans, at least as it relates to us, which is probably as much as can be hoped for. Only then might there be any kind of public embarrassment of our policymakers who stubbornly refuse to change track. The past few months alone have provided quite an education on the region: murder-for-organs, rigged elections, witness-killing, high-level government people on trial in Kosovo and here, the would-be terrorist in Maryland, the Frankfurt shooter, plus the guy flooding the prison in Greenwich, the Michigan rapists, the Trafalgar Square brawl and the theft of this woman’s toilet.

But trying to sort out who’s what on its own for now is a blog called Pundit Press — which made a cute little attempt last week. The bloggers thought they may have scooped the world and found the shooter’s Facebook page (it ended up being the wrong Uka), but look at the reasoning used by these poor souls trying to play Balkan sleuths, struggling to put two and two together:

…Through investigative journalism, Pundit Press now believes that it may have found his Facebook page…Of course, if this in not him, we apologize, but there are three reasons why this could be his profile. First, and least convincing, is that the man in his profile picture seems to be about the age of 21.

Second, Uka was identified as Kosovan. Albania has one of the largest Kosovan populations on earth.


Now look closely at the necklace around Uka’s neck.

It is that of the Albanian flag.

Third, Uka’s profile says that he is using Facebook in “Shqip.” That is the language of “Albanian,” one that many Kosovans speak natively.

That is, someone with an Albanian flag around his neck could be a Kosovan (imagine that!). Because, in case you didn’t know, Albania has ONE of the largest KOSOVAN POPULATIONS on EARTH!


Let me see if I can stop laughing long enough to explain something to the “investigative journalists” at Pundit Press.

Aside from the fact that there is no ethnic or national identity as “Kosovan” (that’s why they wave the Albanan flag and not the Kosovan flag except to occasionally oblige their international overseers) — it’s not Albania that has Kosovans, but Kosovo that has Albanians. That’s what Kosovans are: Albanians. Albanians crossed into Serbia illegally over the course of a couple centuries, and claimed this Albania-adjacent Serbian land as their own.

But one does wonder where the ‘other’ large Kosovan population centers on earth are? I’m assuming they know that one of them is Kosovo? In fact, that would be the only one.

As for Albanian being a language that “many Kosovans speak natively,” it is in fact the language that ALL Kosovans speak, since they are Albanian. (Technicalities about the fast disappearing non-Albanian residents of Kosovo aside, which include Serbs, Roma, Gorani and others.)

And there’s nothing native about the language, since these foreigners cleansed most of the natives, known as Serbs. The native tongue, now all but illegal, is called Serbian.

Now, considering that this information has been widely available to Americans since at least 12 years ago, when the “Kosovans”/Albanians/non-natives first got onto our yahoo-level radars, this part of the ‘investigation’ shouldn’t have proven so difficult to get right.

(The whole thing reminds me of this poor Greenwich, CT reporter who together with local police listed the origin of the man who flooded the police station as “Kosovo, Albania” — all of which is in Serbia, apparently.)

More problematic but less entertaining than the comedy of Balkan errors by Pundit Press, however, was its word-for-word-predictable closing paragraph, as if lifted from the Handbook on How to Defend Albanians when One has Attacked us Again:

It must be noted that Albanians and Kosovars tend to be very pro-American…We cannot paint ethnic Albanians as extremists, especially considering their rejection of al Qaeda and radical Islam in the 1990s– even as Serbs attempted to wipe out their population in Kosovo.

Now, here is where a little more “investigation” — uncovering long-disclosed information — could have helped the poor souls at Pundit Press. I’ll assist with the investigation about all that rejection of al Qaeda and assorted
mujahedeen, by providing the embedded links I’ve just provided. And here’s something to help get to the bottom of the truth of the Serbian attempt to “wipe out” the Kosovo population.

I’ll also trace back over my own steps to enlighten these indefatigable sleuths about the nature of the Albanian AND “Kosovar” pro-Americanism, which culminates in the following simple analogy: Say I wanted my neighbor’s house, and you killed him for me — I’d love you for at least a couple decades.

A note about this ubiquitous, repetitive warding-off of any potential temptation by Americans to malign Albanians in general every time another one of them does something bad: Notice there are no such moral dilemmas — and certainly no such pleas — on behalf of Serbs when they are unequivocally maligned — while *not* killing Americans. (I think we’ve just figured out what the Serbs have been doing wrong.)

Just like the determination by the 9/11 Commission that Bosnia was the catalyst which globalized jihad and al Qaeda led the Commission to conclude that the solution is we must do even more to help Bosnian Muslims. Similarly, the ‘thinking’ that went into our decision to help the KLA was that we had to help make sure they didn’t turn to Islamists for help. But the Islamists helped regardless (see links in relevant section above) — and they’re still “helping,” with very effective results. Given the current world trend, and increasing evidence, it seems all we did was merely put off the inevitable.

Meanwhile, don’t ask the PP sleuths to notice the striking coincidence that the side that’s been designated by their government as the enemy is the side that receives their unqualified contempt, with no care given to words used. While the side designated by their government as “friend” and “victim” is the side they’re defending and telling you not to offend when its members kill Americans.

The additional irony of course is that the Albanians they’re defending not only aren’t bothered by the universal demonization of Serbs and don’t say or write anything to qualify it, but they are in fact the originators of the falsehoods and blood libels against the Serbs. Yet they have the nerve to cry foul if someone should dare say or write something disparaging of them as a people — and this amid unflattering news.

Serbs have been coping in the face of worldwide hatred and enmity for two decades — manifested daily in newspapers regardless of what contrary realities assert themselves — but Albanians have a hard time coping with even one writer catching on to their game. One supposes it’s harder to take when there’s a grain (or more) of truth to it.

The 1389 Blog posted the following response to the PP people (links added):

…Serbs never attempted to wipe out the ethnic Albanian population in Kosovo….On the contrary, Kosovo was formerly majority Serb. That changed when the Albanian Muslims fought on the side of the Nazis. The Muslim incursion during the Third Reich and during the Communist Tito regime expropriated and displaced many Serbs. In fact, Serbs in Kosovo have been under attack from Albanian Muslims ever since that time. [Much earlier, actually.] While I would argue that Serbs should have the same right to defend their land and people as anybody else has, under the Tito regime and afterward, they were forbidden to do anything to protect their lives and property from attacks by Albanian Muslims or anyone else. As a result, many Serbs were forced to flee from Kosovo. By 1999, Serbs had been reduced to a small minority in Kosovo. The government of what was then Yugoslavia (now Serbia) did nothing to expel the Albanian Muslims from Kosovo.

The mainstream media in the US and Europe, and the Clinton Administration, essentially blood-libeled the entire Serbian people as an excuse to go to war on behalf of the Muslims in the Balkans. Their reason for doing that was a failed effort to appease the Saudis and other Muslim oil interests, some of whom considered the First Gulf War to be an unacceptable intrusion of “infidels” into the Muslim ummah.

Considering the evils perpetrated by Albanian Muslims in Kosovo – everything from heroin and weapons smuggling, organizing terrorist attacks, trafficking in women and girls for brothel slavery, to kidnapping and butchering Serbs for their organs – it IS high time that all Muslims be expelled from Kosovo and sent back to their homes in Albania, whence they came. They DO have homes and families and tribes in Albania, and they have moved into Kosovo simply because Albania is a misgoverned and corrupt post-Communist cesspool. It is up to them to clean up the mess in Albania rather than spreading it into the historic homeland of the Serbian people.

So back to Frankfurt. What will be our response? More favors for Kosovo’s KLA leaders? More political protection for Kosovo? More stories about imaginary genocides by Serbs?

I’ll close with a letter from a Serb in Montenegro:

…Additionally perplexing to me is the fact that Albanians are repaying the United States by killing US soldiers, even after the US government has illegally waged war on their behalf against Serbia and is illegally occupying Kosovo to this day. You don’t see Serbs running around killing Americans, or anyone else for that matter.

Finally, what disgusts me more than anything else, is the complacency of the corporate media, which continue to satanize Christian Serbs to this day for invented and false crimes, while portraying all Serb enemies (Bosnian Muslims, Croat Neo-nazis and Albanian Muslims) as helpless victims.

Americans, be warned! There will be more Albanian Muslim attacks to come! [Yugoslavia] welcomed Albanians fleeing poverty and repression from Albania into Serbia’s southern Kosovo province. [They were] provided with free health care, free education and even education in their Albanian language in public schools. Once the Albanians established themselves in Kosovo, the Serbs were repaid by getting murdered, raped, terrorized in every possible way and finally completely expelled from Kosovo.

I empathize with the American people, and pray that the American people will smarten up and hold their corporate politicians and corporate media accountable for their self-serving treachery and treasonous actions. The sooner this happens, the sooner the world will become a better place and the occupation of Kosovo will end.

Note the rather charitable attitude toward Americans — even after all that U.S. foreign policy has rained down upon the Serbs. And see if you still find Albanian “pro-Americanism” more trustworthy.

So keep the atrocity porn coming about what the Serbs allegedly once did to their enemies, while those enemies stay busy now killing Americans.