Julia Gorin is among the most recognized names in
conservative comedy. She was profiled in the 2005 book
South Park Conservatives, and her humor was featured in
Penthouse" magazine. Julia's jokes are among the "1,500
Best Jokes Ever Told" in Penguin Group's newly released
Complete Idiot's Guide to Jokes.

In 2004, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution ran Julia's
jokes and photo alongside Jon Stewart's and Jay Leno's in
a special election humor feature. Julia also performed for
Republican Convention delegates that year at Times
Square's "
Laugh Factory," which landed her in both Cindy
Adams' and Newsweek's gossip columns. Her one-woman
stand-up show "Republican Riot" received wide coverage,
and Julia has appeared on "Politically Incorrect," "Fuse TV,"
"Hannity & Colmes," "Fox 'n Friends," as well as on ABC,
CBS and NBC news programs. Her articles frequently get
her invited onto talk radio, and they’ve been objected to by
the offices of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan (whoever
that is), and his future successor Bill Clinton, aspiring
President of the World. She
blogs at and at
the just-launched "
Political Mavens"--a celebrity-studded
conservative answer to Arianna's "Huffington Post."
Julia Gorin